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Welcome to TWI Oilfield Fabrication

ASME {U} Stamp and National Board {R} Stamp Certified Facility

TWI Oilfield Fabrication is your equipment manufacturing headquarters for the Oil and Gas Industry.  Whether you are in the market for pressure vessels, sand separator, heater treater, flare trailers or drilling equipment we at TWI are fully equipped to handle your needs.  When purchasing production equipment, oil drilling equipment or completions equipment, peace of mind is more important than one realizes.  All of our high efficiency flare trailers are quad o and are CFR 60.18 compliant.  One must be certified to fabricate a line heater, heater treater, expansion tank and or gas buster.  Many companies these days are willing to sacrifice integrity, stepping over a nickel to save a penny.  Durability Costs Less… we say that, but what does that really mean?  We inject quality and integrity all throughout the entire piece of equipment.  We cannot take that risk.  Fulfilling clients' needs is our objective at TWI and while any company can claim to be second to none, we prefer to let our reputation say it for us.  Buying a piece of equipment for 10 percent less now increases the chances of costing you 50 percent or more in the future to replace or repair.  Our equipment has been proven to last longer.  Not many companies in the oilfield actually offer a warranty.

Heater Treaters

TWI is a company of evolution and innovation.  It was decided that asme vessel fabrication was where we best fit.  The road to 3 phase, 4 phase and 1440s has been filled with all types of equipment that we still offer to this day.  Equipment such as premix tanks, sand can, pressure pipe, large propane tanks for sale, test separators and many more.  Check out our Project Portfolio and see our vast array of equipment.

Sand Separator

Headquartered in Fruita, Colorado, we are proud to be a family-owned business and we know that having the right team makes all the difference. With a mission to provide the utmost in quality and satisfaction, only the highest-skilled fabricators are sought and employed, allowing TWI to infuse an exceptional level of experience and professionalism into everything we do. We take safety seriously and for over the past 14 years, top-notch health and safety standards have earned TWI some of the best EMR scores a company can achieve. With our in-house Quality Assurance program and certification by the State of Colorado in Premium Cost Containment, TWI is one of the safest places to work and we are honored to be an ISNetworld "Green" or "A" Service Provider.  When dealing with gas separation, assuming everything is okay isn’t always the safest option.

TWI is well-recognized for our innovative techniques and product durability, combining the latest advances with an in-house 3D detailing and design team. From concept to completion, we go through the entire process with you, bringing the elements of your design to life and ensuring that you get exactly what you need to gain the edge over your competitors.

Pressure Vessels

TWI is a "coded" fabrication facility on the Western Slope, with both ASME {U} and NBBI {R} stamp certifications. We also carry accreditations from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors for the manufacture and repair of coded pressure vessels. As a Colorado licensed trailer manufacturer, TWI custom-builds heavy-haul and specialized equipment trailers to suit almost any need.

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